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300,000 UZS240,000 UZS

WE RESTORE THE TONE OF DRY, DULL AND FADING SKIN TOGETHER WITH STEM CELLS FROM MEDI-PEEL GEL TOXING • the series effectively restores skin turgor, increasing the elasticity and elasticity of tissues
• strengthens and tightens the oval of the face, providing a pronounced lifting effect
• actively combats the signs of skin aging, smoothes and reduces the depth of wrinkles Nourishing serum and cream are sure to fall in love with dry and very dry skin▫️Stem cells of Damask rose - intensively nourish the skin, giving it a feeling of incredible hydration, comfort and smoothness▫️Stem cells of the white lily - prevent oxidizing processes and slow down the aging process, protect against photoaging and harmful effects of sunlight▫️A complex of 4 types of peptides - promotes the stimulation of collagen synthesis and improves the protective functions of the skin, eliminates dullness and slightly brightens