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Delight Tony Tint

Decorative cosmetics (TONYMOLY)

107,000 UZS52,500 UZS

Gently cares for the delicate skin of the lips, saturates it with moisture, prevents dryness, intensively nourishes and relieves peeling. It forms a perfect coating and gives a bright color.

The tint adheres perfectly to the lips and easily transfers any impact. Delight Tony Tint does not run and does not flow, so it is perfect for any make-up - both light daytime and bright evening ones.

The main components of Delight Tony Tint are:

Argan oil - removes dryness and flaking, intensively moisturizes the skin and protects it from negative influences.
Rosehip oil - replenishes collagen deficiencies, nourishes the skin with useful elements, and enhances immune functions.
Jojoba oil - softens the skin, forms an invisible film on it, which protects it from any influences