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I'm Real Mask Sheet


20,000 UZS11,000 UZS

Tony Moly I'm Real 3-layer fabric face masks are a great range for all skin types and individual needs. Provide excellent absorption of the beneficial substances contained in the mask, due to excellent adhesion to the skin.
Contains only natural ingredients and natural extracts:
• Avocado - deep hydration and saturation of the skin with useful micro- and macroelements;
• Lemon - lightening and evening out skin tone, fighting pigmentation;
• Pomegranate - increasing the firmness and elasticity of the skin;
• Aloe - effective hydration, removal of inflammation, healing effect;
• Tomato - removing traces of fatigue, skin color is even and radiant;
• Tea tree - toning, removal of irritations and inflammations, wound healing;
• Rice - cleansing pores, lightening age spots, leveling tone;
• Seaweed - elimination of dryness and flaking, skin cleansing;