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Lacafone Clarifying Tea Tree


337,000 UZS168,500 UZS

Composition and use of the CICA ampoule.

- It is a moist and delicate formula that can be applied to all skin types on a daily basis.

- Effectiveness: Helps to whiten facial skin and reduce wrinkles.

Why should it be a Lacafone ampoule?

Take time to heal your skin

Whitening ~ wrinkle reduction ~

A tea tree purifying ampoule that takes care of the skin every day without any problems.
The ampoule nourishes the skin with a huge amount of vitamins and helps to cope with dull complexion, revitalizes the skin and gives it a radiance.

Application: Take the required amount with a pipette and apply to the face, massage the skin and gently pat to absorb.