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On The Body Flower Scented Body Wash


170,000 UZS130,000 UZS

On The Body Romantic Iris Body Wash - is a perfumed shower gel with a wonderful aroma of iris, which will turn water treatments into true bliss. The gel moisturizes and tones the skin, luxurious aroma gives strength and energy. Thanks to herbal cleansing ingredients derived from saponaria and soapwood, the skin remains soft and velvety even with frequent use of the gel. Free of parabens, sulfates, artificial colors and animal derivatives. The gel foams very well, as a result of which it is economically consumed. After taking a shower throughout the day, a feeling of cleanliness and a light plume that uplifts the mood remain.
On the Body Cherry Blossom Body Wash - a perfumed shower gel with a sweet scent of French cherry blossom, has a soft texture and leaves the skin soft, restores the natural moisture level in the cells, leaving the skin supple, smooth and soft. The cleansing composition of the gel consists of 100% plant ingredients. Shea butter intensively moisturizes and relaxes the skin, preventing skin dehydration, irritation and signs of aging. Saponaria maintains and stimulates the natural hydration of the skin, and effectively removes impurities and skin secretions. Gives the skin softness and silkiness, spreads easily over the skin and is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy, sticky film.