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Perfect Eyes Long Kinny Gel Pen Liner


138,000 UZS67,900 UZS

Gel eyeliner will help create spectacular eye makeup, make them more open and expressive. With its help, you can draw perfectly straight arrows. The product is characterized by good durability, dries instantly and lasts all day long, enduring the influence of external factors.
Perfect Eyes Long Kinny Gel Pen Liner is easy to apply, so it is suitable even for inexperienced makeup artists. The eyeliner features an ergonomic brush for easy application and precise line thickness. The product evenly lays on the eyelids, leaves a light matte finish, does not get imprinted on the eyelids and does not clog into folds. The Tony Moly eyeliner comes in two colors:
• Gel Black - black.
• Gel Brown - brown.
Both colors are perfect for light everyday or bright evening make-up. The eyeliner is presented in a long, elongated case, decorated in black. Thanks to its compact size, it fits into any cosmetic bag. The tool will help you create beautiful and effective eye makeup and look great in any situation.