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Pobam Moonlight Toner Pads


275,000 UZS100,000 UZS

Fast, simple, effective!

Soft cotton pads are impregnated with toner, which help to gently remove the stratum corneum of the skin, deep hydration for the whole day.

The discs are embossed on one side and smooth on the other.

The embossed side helps exfoliate dead cells, while the smooth side removes all impurities.

The discs gently scrub away dead skin cells, creating a peeling effect and rejuvenating the skin

Mode of application.

In the morning or evening, after washing, wipe your face with the smooth side of the disc, then with the grooved side. It can be used as a soothing mask by applying the disc to the problem area of ​​the facial skin for 10-20 minutes.