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Tony Moly Easy Touch Liquid Eyeliner

Decorative cosmetics (TONYMOLY)

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​An updated version of the popular Tony Moly eyeliner. Has a water-resistant formula that prevents the eyeliner from spreading and dripping throughout the day. The eyeliner has a very comfortable thin brush, with which you can easily get the desired arrow shape. In addition to decorative properties, the eyeliner has nourishing properties, because the skin of the eyelids is very delicate and sensitive: in the composition of vitamin A and hyaluronic acid they moisturize. Natural colors in the composition of the eyeliner - black sesame, black rice and black soybean extracts give a rich deep black pigment. The eyeliner is suitable for sensitive skin, as it has a hypoallergenic composition.

How to use: use a brush to give the desired shape. After use, tighten the eyeliner tightly to avoid premature drying