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Wonder Bath

250,000 UZS125,000 UZS
         Chosungah By Vibes Wonder Bath Super Vegitoks Cleanser Red with a strong antioxidant effect. The product perfectly tones, refreshes, exfoliates the stratum corneum of the epidermis, removing all types of impurities and dissolving fat plugs and cleansing the pores. Gently brightens, improves skin tone and restores its tone and radiance. The active complex of pomegranate, carrot and tomato extracts delicately whitens and evens out skin tone, eliminates redness and helps to lighten pigmentation and post-acne, exfoliates, moisturizes, improves immunity and fills epidermal cells with essential vitamins.
The main component of the product - pomegranate - has the highest antioxidant activity, effectively removes all impurities from the skin, protects against aggressive environmental influences and restores the skin's hydro-lipid barrier. Effective in the fight against rosacea, strengthens capillaries, seals the walls of blood vessels and reduces the severity of spider veins.
Thanks to the detox effect, even after washing, the skin remains nourished, hydrated and radiant. The cleansing gel has a thick, jelly-like consistency that, when in contact with the warmth of the skin, forms a thick white foam. Oxygen bubbles penetrate deep into the pores, dissolve all impurities and fill the skin with the necessary level of moisture. The basis of the product is a cocktail of 71 types of various plant components that have high antioxidant activity, effectively restore and tone.
Mode of application:
1. Apply generously to dry skin;
2. In a circular motion, massage gently until foam forms;
3. Rinse off the product with warm water.
Tip: After the foam has formed, do not rinse off the product immediately, but wait about 3 minutes for the foam bubbles to penetrate deeper into the pores and better show their cleansing abilities.