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Wonder Tea Tree Pore Fresh Toner

Cleansing (TONY MOLY)

210,000 UZS168,000 UZS

A refreshing pore toner with green tea extract that gently cares for sebum and leaves the skin looking fresh.

The tonic soothes the skin and helps control sebum.

        PHA (gluconolactone) component for daily gentle care and pore cleansing.

         Easily removes dead skin cells, preserves and evens out complexion.

         A non-sticky, light water based toner for the first step of cleansing.

         A soothing treatment that leaves skin smooth and clean.

Wonder Tea Tree Pore Fresh Toner based on tea extracts provides effective cleansing of the epidermis, increasing its water-holding capacity, as well as active skin renewal. The product makes the skin incredibly smooth, taut and soft. She shines with health, pleases with cleanliness and freshness. It tightens pores, prevents them from becoming dirty and inflammation. Evens out the texture of the epidermis and makes it look healthy.

Mode of application:
1. As a toner:
Apply a small amount of toner to a cotton pad and gently rub over your face.
2. As a face mask:
Saturate a cotton pad or mask blank with toner, spread over the skin and leave for 10 minutes.