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Easy Touch Auto Eyebrow

Decorative cosmetics (TONYMOLY)

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The shape, color and shape of your eyebrows are just as important to your personal look as the condition of your lips and eyelashes. A special pencil makes it easy to keep your eyebrows in perfect condition.
It differs from most other eyebrow care products in increased convenience, reliability and safety.
The Tony Moly Easy Touch Auto Eyebrow has an excellent quality lead.

Thanks to the powdery component, the pencil is easy to apply, draws a clear line, allowing you to give your eyebrows the desired color and shape. The fluffy brush with which the product is equipped is necessary to make the appearance of the eyebrows more neat and perfect. The automatic pencil from Tony Moly is easy to use. The shade that it gives to the eyebrows is durable, does not smudge or crumble throughout the day. The Tony Moly Eyebrow Pencil is just what you need for a spectacular make-up.

How to use: draw the desired look with a pencil in the eyebrow area, and with a brush, give the desired shape to the eyebrows.