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16 Filter Shot Shading

For eyes/Brow

195,000 UZS97,500 UZS

Suitable for beginners - easy to use!

3 versatile sculpting shades. Includes a brush for easy application.


Visually corrects facial features - allows you to make the jaw lines more pronounced, emphasize the cheekbones and reduce the width of the nose. Will add depth and contrast to the image. The perfect combination in one package at once. Great ease of use. The dry and professional texture allows you to blend perfectly with no effort.

Match the tone you want with the n palette to contour and eliminate skin imperfections. With three shades, you can hide all imperfections and emphasize the natural beauty of your face. Use them individually or in combination to create the perfect tone.

Pigments are used sparingly - enough for at least six months. Allow on the run to disguise bruises under the eyes, highlight the cheekbones. Very persistent - last up to 8 hours.

Suitable for:
All skin types

How to use: Apply a dark shade along the natural shade on the cheekbones, along the contour of the face and to darken the crease of the eyelid. With a lighter shade, add a slight radiance to the skin,