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16 Fruit-Chu Collagen Jelly Tint


192,000 UZS80,500 UZS

Do you want your lips to maintain a deep, seductive color all day long? This dream is quite realizable! Tint - a newfangled achievement of world cosmetology - will allow you not to worry about lip tinting, because its unique formula is incredibly durable. Try the professional lip tint from the Korean brand Chosungah.

 The result of its use will exceed all your expectations!

It is an extremely pigmented liquid that spreads easily over the surface of the skin and dries instantly, providing lips with an unrivaled bright color.

The special composition of the tint allows it to stay on the skin for about ten hours. Contains collagen components, thereby moisturizing the lips and eliminating dryness.

How to use: apply the required amount of tint on the lips, distribute evenly with the applicator, let the tint absorb for 1 minute.