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16 Fruit-Chu Tint


208,000 UZS87,500 UZS

Professional tint will give your smile a chic and expressive color. At the same time, it will hold out on the lips for up to 10 hours, will not smear, will not "eat" and will not leave an unpleasant feeling of grease or stickiness. The waterproof formula of the tint provides a perfect, smooth matte finish and an even tone distribution. In addition, the velvet tint nourishes the skin of the lips, moisturizes it and protects it from dryness and flaking. With this tint, you can kiss, swim in the pool or the sea, taste ice cream and not worry about the state of your makeup - it will remain unchanged and bright!

Mode of application:

apply the required amount of tint to the lips, distribute evenly with the applicator, let the tint absorb for 1 minute.