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1,083,000 UZS850,000 UZS

Anti-aging set of functional cosmetics for complete skin care, consisting of:

+ AHC Vital Golden Collagen Toner 140ml + Lotion 140ml. Collagen toner and lotion nourish the skin, are rich in collagen and have an anti-aging effect. Gold and collagen nutrients are effectively absorbed by the skin, helping to firm the skin.

+ AHC Vital Golden Collagen Ampoule 50ml. Collagen ampoule provides rich nutrition, gives elasticity, helps the skin to become shiny and elastic. Collagen ingredients intensively supply the skin with useful substances, moisturize and nourish, are well absorbed, and keep the skin hydrated for a long time without stickiness.

+ AHC ULTIMATE REAL EYE CREAM FOR FACE 30ml. The eye cream contains Centella extract, which makes the skin elastic, comfortably soothes irritated skin. It helps to improve wrinkles around the eyes, and is suitable for use on problem areas: on the neck and skin around the mouth.

+ AHC Vital Golden Collagen Cream 50g. The rich nutrients of gold and collagen are effectively absorbed into the skin, improving its condition and giving it elasticity. Contains Vitamin C derivatives and pearl powder to provide bright and vibrant skin.

The order of application of funds: toner -> ampoule -> lotion -> eye cream -> face cream