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Cheektone blusher powder

Decorative cosmetics (TONYMOLY)

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Finger blush for the face will help you create flawless makeup without the use of brushes and sponges. Cheektone Single Blusher will favorably emphasize beauty and individuality, make the image bright and unique. The blush is excellent throughout the day and at the same time takes care of the skin: filling it with moisture and valuable substances. The product has a pleasant texture, so it is easy to apply.

Seven colors have a familiar dry powder-like texture, and two have a creamy consistency. If you mix blush with balm, you get lipstick, if with cream - shadows. The rich pigment is highly durable, so it lasts well throughout the day.

The main feature of the blush from the South Korean brand Tony Moly is ease of use. They are easy to blend with your fingers and eliminate the need for additional tools. This innovative tool opens up ample opportunities for experimenting with the image. And thanks to its compact size, the CheekTone Single Blusher is convenient to carry in a cosmetic bag.

Directions for use: Pick up the blush with your finger, gently remove the excess and distribute it on the face.