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Cica Antio Cream

180,000 UZS144,000 UZS

REGENERATING CREAM 30ml MEDIPEEL Cica Antio Cream▪️ effectively fights inflammation and irritation
▪️ increases the protective barrier
▪️ accelerates healing after acids, retinol, mechanical cleaning
▪️ has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect
▪️ normalizes the sebaceous glands
▪️ nourishes, moisturizes, helps to reduce wrinkles, thick cream is sparingly consumed and evenly distributed, does not clog the pores, leaves stickiness and fat content weakly acid pH 5.8IN the composition of 9 peptides that help to preserve youth and elasticity, as follows: apply a small amount of cream to cleansed and toned skin, distribute evenly, let it soak in