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Clean Dew Foam Cleanser

Cleansing (TONY MOLY)

59,000 UZS

An updated version of the famous foams from Tony Moly! Now these foams are even more aromatic and effective. Each foam has its own effect due to its composition:

Red Grapefruit (red grapefruit) - for problematic and oily skin. Helps get rid of comedones, acne, excess oily skin.

Acerola (acerola) - for dull, tired, aging skin with uneven tone. Helps to lighten the skin, even out its tone, get rid of age spots, freckles, uneven skin tone.

Lemon (lemon) - for skin prone to oily, suffering from the appearance of blackheads. The foam brightens the skin, helps regulate the sebaceous glands, and evens out the complexion.

Blueberry - for combination skin with enlarged pores. The tool helps to minimize their size, eliminates excessive oily skin.

Aloe (aloe vera) - for dry, dehydrated and normal skin. The product helps to restore the natural hydrolipidic balance of the skin, fill it with moisture, and relieve irritation.

Usage: take a small amount of foam (a pea size is enough) and start massaging your face with the product in a circular motion. At the end of the procedure, rinse off the foam thoroughly with warm water.

Volume: 180 ml.