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Radiance and youth!

Foundation for daily use. The product effectively masks imperfections, evens out complexion and gives a natural, radiant appearance.

Cushion not only masks imperfections, but also cares for the dermis. It nourishes and softens by maintaining natural moisture levels throughout the day and by controlling the sebaceous glands. Thanks to its light texture and thoughtful method of application, the cushion can be used even in the hot season, since the tone will not flow and clog into the pores. SPF50 allows you to stay in the sun without harm to the skin, and also protects against photoaging and burns.

This is a combination of the lightness of a BB cream, the firmness of the foundation and the compactness of the powder.

Mode of application:

Place the sponge on the index and middle fingers of your dominant hand and draw on the product by lightly pressing it on the cushion.

Use a patting motion to spread the product over your face. Blend from top to bottom, from forehead to temples, then apply to cheeks, nose and chin. Apply a second layer as needed to help hide imperfections.