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Dong Dong Minn Perfect Long&Curl Mascara

For eyes/Brow

283,000 UZS119,000 UZS

As soon as the mascara was released, it ranks first in the ranking of officially sold products in Korea.

No more worries about clumps! The eyelash is stretched one by one.

Forget sagging eyelashes! A comfortable brush that curls your lashes all day long.

Contains nourishing oils such as argan oil, olive oil and biocollagen to restore, nourish and healthy your eyelashes. Soon your strength will be restored and hair loss will stop.

Color by mood!

Black - clear and rich look

Brown - Creates delicate eyes and a soft look.


How to use: Apply evenly to the upper lashes with the wide side of the brush, and then apply to the lower lashes vertically with the brush.