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Dong Gong Min Brown Maker Pencil

For eyes/Brow

233,000 UZS98,000 UZS

 A long-lasting auto eyebrow pencil with brush is a handy tool for quickly and easily drawing brows.

Among the main features of pencils:

- Thoughtful shape of the lead. It allows you to both draw a thin line of the eyebrows and fill in their shape in several movements.

- Good tenacity. Pencils are resistant to moisture and sweat, the pigment will not smudge or rub off, lasting until the end of the day.

- Automatic. Pencils don't need sharpening - just slide out the lead and keep using.

- Built-in brush. With a soft bristled brush, you can not only blend the pigment to achieve the most natural result, but also comb the hairs of your eyebrows.


How to use: Give your eyebrows the desired shape and blend the result with a special brush