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Double cover cushion

Decorative cosmetics (TONYMOLY)

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The Tony Moly Double Cover Cushion is an effective one-touch masking for skin imperfections!

The finely dispersed, powdery cream forms a dense yet light coating, evening out skin tone and texture. Masks enlarged pores, leaving the skin smooth and silky.
Cushion has a brightening, anti-aging effect, cares for the skin, maintaining its comfort and protection throughout the day. Possesses a stable formula, retains the accuracy and brightness of the coating for a long time.

Centella extract in cosmetics normalizes water-salt metabolism in skin cells, promotes moisture retention, relieves edema. Stimulates collagen synthesis, enhances blood microcirculation in the dermis, fights free radicals, accelerates cell regeneration, smoothes wrinkles, gives the skin an elastic, fresh, toned appearance.