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Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm

Complete skin care (Tony Moly)

145,000 UZS116,000 UZS

It is a face primer that effectively conceals pores and evens out skin relief. As a result of application, your skin becomes perfectly even, smooth and matte. The pore grout can be used on its own or as a makeup base before applying foundation or BB cream.

Grout Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm, getting into the pores, fills them and smoothes the skin surface. Thus, pores, wrinkles, scars, scars and other irregularities are masked. In addition, the skin becomes silky, velvety, the pores are cleansed of excess sebum, visibly narrowing.

The main active ingredients:

Camellia extract, which helps to normalize the production of fatty secretions, mattifying, softening, moisturizing the skin. In addition, this component has good antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

The complex of amino acids nourishes the skin, giving it beauty and smoothness.

Finely dispersed powder fills in pores, making uneven skin less visible.

Collagen moisturizes the skin and gives it elasticity.

Egg yolk extract provides cells with additional nutrition and hydration. Softens the skin and helps to loosen the stratum corneum.

Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm is suitable for all skin types. It is ideal for those who have combination and oily skin.

How to use: The face primer has a pleasant texture. To use it, apply a small amount to the pores in particularly problem areas, gently distribute the grout, rubbing gently. After that, you can start applying BB cream or foundation.