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Elastine Shampoo


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Elastine Maximizing Volume Biotin Shampoo - Volumizing shampoo based on marine collagen. Marine collagen intensively cares for hair, making it denser and healthier, giving strength and extra volume. It also improves the structure of the hair, helps to reduce electrification and gives a natural shine.
Elastine Maximizing Volume LG Household & Health Care Shampoo Elastine's patented Volume-lipid system nourishes, creates an elastic surface film on the hair and keeps hair voluminous for 24 hours.
Lipids are a necessary part of the structure of healthy hair, an important protective component.
The shampoo contains honey of jujube (Chinese date), which nourishes the hair, and cardiospermum halicacab extract, which gives volume to the hair.
Result: Fine hair gains vitality and volume.
Shampoo strengthens and restores weak dull hair.
Shampoo gives dry and brittle hair daily moisture.
To use: Apply to damp hair, lather and rinse thoroughly. For best results, use with Elastine Conditioner

Elastine Deep Moisture Care Phyto Keratin Moisture Shampoo - Elastine Deep Moisture Care Phyto Keratin Moisture Shampoo with Avocado Oil and Keratin.
The tool is well suited for dry and brittle hair, instantly nourishes and moisturizes, eliminates dryness and restores the structure of the strands. Shampoo perfectly strengthens and increases the elasticity of curls, thickens them and prevents brittleness.
The product not only fills the hair with essential nutrients and restores its strength, but also smoothes and softens, makes curls more manageable and easier to comb. Avocado oil is rich in active ingredients that richly saturate the hair with the necessary moisture and prevent its evaporation, return shine and radiance to the curls.
Main active ingredients:
• Vegetable keratin - fills damaged areas, cracks and voids in the hair structure, glues the split ends, strengthens the hair, giving them extra strength. Keratin is suitable for restoring hair of any type.
• Avocado oil - intensely moisturizes, improves elasticity and restores the protective barrier of the hair. Contains a large amount of fats, vitamins, microelements and lecithin. Strengthens and restores the lipid membrane, prevents hair breakage.
• Black bean extract - strengthens the hair along the entire length, reduces hair loss and ensures their intensive growth.
• Betaine - conditions, strengthens the keratin scales of the hair and restores them, makes the hair smoother, more elastic and elastic.
• Jojoba oil - heals dry and damaged hair, stimulates the growth of new hair. Covering each strand with the thinnest shell, the oil nourishes, smoothes keratin scales and protects against the negative effects of external factors.
• Honey extract - moisturizes, nourishes, has antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal and antioxidant activity. Saturates hair roots with the most important vitamins and microelements.
How to use: Apply the shampoo to wet hair, distribute the product along the entire length and make a light massage of the scalp. Wash off the shampoo with warm water.