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Fresh To Go Mask Sheet


12,000 UZS11,000 UZS

The sheet mask provides complete nutrition and hydration of the skin, helps to solve existing problems. It fits snugly and nourishes cells with nutrients, gives a feeling of freshness, perfectly smoothes and helps to prolong youth.

The mask from Tony Moly has a complex effect: deeply moisturizes, relieves inflammation, eliminates wrinkles and other age-related manifestations, heals the skin day after day. The tool is presented in several versions:

Aloe – scarlet, fills cells with moisture and prevents its evaporation, normalizes the secretion of glands, reduces skin oiliness and tightens pores, has a rejuvenating effect.

Tomato – is a tomato that intensively nourishes, strengthens cells and perfectly tones, maintains elasticity, smoothes wrinkles that appear, and provides a powerful antioxidant effect.

Pineapple – pineapple, brightens pigmentation, reduces the amount of sebum produced, fights inflammation, heals acne and rashes, and prevents their reappearance.

Cucumber – cucumber, relieves irritation, perfectly soothes, reduces the severity of edema, makes the skin soft, smooth and elastic.

Grape – grapes, cleans and tightens pores, provides complete nutrition and hydration, ideally smoothes and prolongs youth.

Coconut - is a moisturizing mask based on coconut milk that provides the skin with enough moisture, leaving it smooth, soft and nourished. Helps fight the signs of dehydration by treating peeling well.

Yuja - is a radiance mask with yuzu extract designed to effectively combat dullness. Yuzu, which belongs to the citrus family, perfectly tones the skin and stimulates blood circulation, leaving the complexion fresh and healthy.

Pomegranate - maintains the hydrobalance of the epidermis and refreshes the complexion, has a powerful moisturizing effect, saturates the skin with the necessary nutrients, brightens and evens out the complexion, makes the skin soft and smooth, adheres tightly to the skin without causing discomfort.

Pumpkin -is an excellent tonic, stimulates cell regeneration, smoothes the skin, normalizes the acid-base balance, gives the face smoothness, elasticity, makes the skin radiant and clean.

Cucumber - perfectly soothes, relieves irritation, removes puffiness, fights pigmentation, makes the skin smooth and elastic.