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From The Nature Alpist & Smaland Set


750,000 UZS580,000 UZS

The set includes:
Alpist Edelweiss Moisture & Nourishing Shampoo - Give your hair volume and softness! The shampoo contains a complex of alpine herbs and essential oils. A new generation of hair care products - 100% natural shampoo with edelweiss extract, 7 types of herbs of the Alpine mountains (alpine skullcap, nasturtium extract, alpine wormwood extract, fireweed extract, thyme extract, buddleia extract, shandra extract) and 7 types of essential oils . Designed for weakened and damaged hair, problematic scalp.
It revitalizes hair, soothes irritated scalp and gently cleanses.
Curls begin to shine with beauty and health, split ends become less, and you forget about falling out. And most importantly - no harm to the hair!
The product DOES NOT contain parabens, mineral oils, SLS/SLES, dyes, silicones, synthetic fragrances, preservatives (MIT, CMIT) and at the same time it lathers well.
Alpist Edelweiss No-Silicone Treatment - Restore your hair with the power of the green Alps. The hair mask contains exclusively natural ingredients and is enriched with extracts of mountain herbs. It is suitable for hair with a damaged structure that has lost its elasticity and smoothness due to external factors. Effective nutrition will provide comprehensive care and restore beauty to your hair.
Innovative ingredients work to deeply hydrate damaged areas and turn hair into silk. Also, the mask has a beneficial effect on the scalp. It has soothing and antifungal properties. Thanks to this, it will be possible to get rid of inflammation, prevent dandruff and unpleasant itching.
Smaland Natural Breath Care - Toothpaste for 99.13% consists of natural ingredients. Joint development of South Korea and the Scandinavian countries. Contains natural xylitol, Finnish pine bark extract. Provides prevention of gum disease, caries, tartar, freshens breath, improves the aesthetics of teeth.
Smaland Swedish Natural Mild Care - The active ingredients of the paste remove food debris from the interdental space, eliminate plaque, prevent the formation of tartar, inhibit the activity of pathogenic microflora, restore damaged cells, prevent tooth decay, strengthen gums, reduce their sensitivity and bleeding. The paste has a refreshing mint flavor with a coniferous tinge, foams well, and is economical.
Smaland Nordic Natural Total Care - Formula 10 FREE without dangerous ingredients: saccharin, SLS, artificial colors, methylparaben, propylparaben, sodium benzoate, ingredients of animal origin, mineral oils.
Safe toothpaste will protect against caries, intensively strengthen tooth enamel and take care of gums. During brushing, the paste promotes the formation of a film that envelops the teeth, penetrating into hard-to-reach places, and thus prevents the development of caries and the formation of tartar.
Shower Mate Goat Milk Soap - A unique natural soap based on goat's milk, has a moisturizing effect, leaving the skin soft and hydrated all day long. The proteins and vitamins found in goat's milk help prevent skin from drying out and damage.
Due to the content of selenium in its composition, it helps to prevent skin oxidation, contains arbutin for cleansing and healthy skin, as well as vitamin E that prevents moisture loss and maintains a moist skin tone.
Goat milk soap has a gentle cleansing ability, protects the skin from roughness and drying out, restores lost elasticity. Gives the skin a fresh pleasant shade, silkiness and tenderness.