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300,000 UZS150,000 UZS

Moisture replenishment
Feels hydrated for 24 hours.ITAMMY Mist gives a refined beauty to rough skin.
Radiant Facial Spray Mist coats the surface of the skin with an invisible veil, protecting it from drying out and harmful environmental influences. The spray does not leave unpleasant stickiness after drying and feels comfortable on the skin. The product whitens the face, prevents aging of the face, the appearance of wrinkles.

Touch NO! Hygienic skin care.
Dual functional product for whitening / smoothing wrinkles and deep moisturizing.
Suitable for sensitive skin. Successful skin irritation test.
Easy to carry and always replenishes skin moisture.
As soon as the mist is sprayed, moisture reaches the edges, giving a delicate beauty to dry skin.
Fast absorption, refreshing effect. Light, gentle mist evenly enriches dry skin with moisture.

Mode of application:
Shake the bottle thoroughly before use. Spray the required amount of the product onto the skin from a distance of about 15-20 centimeters. Update if necessary in 15-20 minutes. Avoid contact with eyes