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Kerasys Hair Clinic


185,000 UZS150,000 UZS

Hair Clinic Argan Oil Shampoo - this hair shampoo strengthens and restores the hair structure, helps reduce hair breakage, gives them strength and strength. Facilitates combing, does not weigh down. After use, the hair is easy to comb, looks smooth, strong, soft and elastic to the touch, receives protection and care. For owners of long hair, conditioner is especially necessary, because the longer the hair, the more it needs nutrition and care. Shampoo helps to maintain the length of the hair and gives a well-groomed, healthy look. The shampoo contains valuable argan oil, which consists of 80% unsaturated fatty acids, which are indispensable nutrients for hair.
Hair Clinic Coconut Oil - Kerasys Hair Clinic coconut oil shampoo is designed for dry and damaged hair. Gently cleanses and promotes deep hydration, reducing breakage and dullness. Its formula with coconut oil acts on the inner layer of the wire, making it stronger and more resistant. It also helps reduce split ends and fight frizz.
Tea Tree Oil Shampoo - This shampoo with tea tree oil allows you to achieve the effect of beautiful and well-groomed hair. It gently cleanses and nourishes. It contains natural plant ingredients designed to care for and renew hair and oily epidermis. The main component of the shampoo is tea tree oil, which has a unique antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal property, wonderfully cleanses pores, impurities, and has the ability to maintain the natural moisture balance of the hair, providing a calming effect. The tool has a pronounced refreshing and cooling effect, and also strengthens the hair roots and bulbs. Every day the hair becomes healthier and stronger. Provides nourishment for the weakened scalp and hair, it is a healthy treatment with a relaxing effect on the sensitive scalp.