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Kerasys Hair Clinic System Shampoo


105,000 UZS75,000 UZS

Hair Clinic System Moisturizing Shampoo - Moisturizing hair shampoo designed specifically for owners of dull, brittle, dry and split hair. innovative
the formula of the product helps to restore the structure of the hair, nourish it with moisture, and get rid of the accumulation of static electricity. The shampoo contains a keratin complex and provitamins B5, which actively restore damaged hair ends, give hair softness, elasticity and elasticity.
Hair Clinic System Revitalizing Shampoo - Shampoo designed to care for thin, weak, sparse and difficult to style hair. It cleanses the scalp and hair from everyday impurities, dead cells, sebum. In addition, the product compensates for the lack of its own keratin, strengthens the hair, makes it strong, elastic and silky. The shampoo contains extracts of alpine herbs that restore life to weakened, damaged dyes, perms or intense exposure to chemicals.
Hair Clinic System Repairing Shampoo - Shampoo designed specifically for damaged hair with split ends. quickly restores their structure, eliminates cross-section and fragility. As a result, the hair regains its former strength, becomes more elastic and shiny.