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Kerasys Salon Care Ampoule Shampoo


105,000 UZS75,000 UZS

Salon Care Nutritive Ampoule Shampoo - Nourishing hair shampoo nourishes, softens and revives hair damaged by numerous styling, hot temperatures, frequent dyeing, perms, improper combing and inadequate care. Enriched with proteins, oils, keratin and red wine polyphenols, the composition promotes effective hair restoration. Hair is moisturized, softened and smoothed, shine appears, it is easier to comb and style.
Salon Care Voluming Ampoule Shampoo - Shampoo for hair volume is ideal for thin, weakened, devoid of life and volume hair. After the first application, you will see how your hair will change. They will not only be cleansed, but will also become more "alive", crumbly, light, shiny, will fit better and hold volume.
The shampoo is based on a specially developed formula using ampoules aimed at treating thin and weak hair.
Salon Care Straightening Ampoule Shampoo - Ampoule for straightening hair is designed for unruly, curly, wavy and tangled hair, which is difficult not only to style, but even to comb. Enriched with therapeutic ampoules, the composition of the shampoo is aimed at straightening hair, making it smooth and shiny. As a result, the hair is cleansed, easier to comb and style, become shiny, elastic, elastic and smooth.