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Lovely Eyebrow Pencil

Decorative cosmetics (TONYMOLY)

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The eyebrow pencil allows you to shape the brows to your liking, while maintaining the naturalness of your make-up.

A very long-lasting professional eyebrow pencil. The lead of moderate hardness gives a long-lasting result and a rich shade that does not smudge during the day. It fills in the gaps between the hairs well, creates a feeling of thick eyebrows, while looking completely natural: it does not grease, does not shine, does not give a "doll" effect, is softly shaded.


• It paints the skin well from the first time, speeding up the process of applying makeup.

• There is no need to regularly sharpen the pencil: the lead automatically extends when you turn the body.

• Provides the ability to apply the finest lines.

• Glides easily over the hairs without forming lumps during application.

• Does not spread and retains its original appearance for a long time, providing long-lasting color all day long.

• Softly shaded, giving the make-up the effect of lightness and ease.

• Contains natural ingredients, which makes the product safe for sensitive skin.

• Does not require special skills, it is optimal for eyebrow shaping at home.

• Before going to bed, it can be easily removed with special makeup removers.

Release form

Reversible pencil in a plastic case with brand logo. The set includes a coloring component for eyebrow shaping and a built-in spiral brush. Both sides of the case are closed with protective caps. Lead size: 2x25 mm.

The manufacturer offers 6 shades in a natural range, which allows each girl to choose her own version that best matches her hair and face color.

Available tones:

# 01 - black (black);

# 02 - gray (gray);

# 03 - gray brown;

# 04 - brown;

# 05 - dark brown;

# 06 - coffee with milk (latte brown).

Mode of application:

Before tucking in your eyebrows with the Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil, shape your brows by removing excess hair and combing to match your hair growth. Use light strokes to outline the outline, giving the eyebrows a beautiful natural curve. Then, with short lines, shade the space between the drawn borders. Brush gently to blend the pigment for even application. For the best effect, you can use two tones of pencils. In this case, a darker shade is used to indicate the lower border of the eyebrow, and a lighter shade is used to paint over the top and base.