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Magic Food Banana Hand Milk

Complete skin care (Tony Moly)

100,000 UZS50,000 UZS

Super-nourishing gentle hand cream with a pleasant sweet aroma of juicy and ripe banana. The cream perfectly moisturizes the handles, eliminating the feeling of dryness and tightness. Gently cares for the skin of the hands, leaving it hydrated for 24 hours.
- Banana extract contains phytosterols, reduces the depth and number of wrinkles, improves skin microrelief. Vitamin B has a powerful sebum-regulating property, helps to normalize cell metabolism, nourishes, moisturizes the skin, keeping its firmness and elasticity; vitamins C and E rejuvenate the skin, improving its appearance and preventing premature aging. Calcium, which is part of the banana, provides the skin with good structure, makes it more elastic, youthful and beautiful, imparting stability to the cell membranes.