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       O HUI Miracle Moisture Optimum Hydration line is a luxurious, light-textured and intensely anti-aging optimally moisturizing line based on a ceramide complex. the action of free radicals and effectively protects the skin from environmental factors. The series softens and protects the skin, accelerates its regeneration processes, improves complexion and maintains an optimal level of moisture in the skin. Main ingredients: birch sap, ceramide complex, peony root extract, lavender oil , lime oil, bergamot oil, chamomile oil. The concentrated formula of Chiffon ceramides ™, contains three types of ceramides, effectively restores and strengthens the damaged lipid barrier of the skin, neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals.

      Miracle Moisture Skin Softener oist toner - 150ml. and mini version 20ml.

Hypoallergenic toner with a concentrated formula Chiffon Ceramide restores the protective barrier of the skin, instantly moisturizes, soothes sensitive skin; after cleansing, the skin becomes soft like chiffon. After morning and evening cleansing, apply toner to your face. Ideal for aging skin, as well as dry, problematic, oily. Get rid of flaking, age spots.

How to use: Apply with patting movements after washing.

       Emulsion Miracle Moisture Emulsion - 130ml. and mini version 20ml.

Emulsion for softness and radiance of the skin. Actively moisturizes the deep layers of the epithelium due to the high content of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Fights all signs of aging. Restores the lipid layer. Nourishes cells, neutralizes free radicals.

       Miracle Moisture Cream - An extra moisturizing face cream with an airy texture. For fast skin softening and instant hydration. Absorbs without residue, sticky film.

       MIRACLE MOISTURE AMPOULE - Ampoule for 7 days returns a healthy look and radiance to dry and dehydrated skin. Contains ceramides that repair the damaged skin barrier.

       MIRACLE MOISTURE CLEANSING FOAM - Hypoallergenic cleansing foam for the face, with a refreshing and moisturizing effect. Does not dry the skin, cleanses pores, controls sebum.