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    The men's set with bergamot and citrus extracts provides abundant hydration to rough skin, leaving it fresh and healthy.

  • O HUI FOR MEN NEOFEEL HYDRATING TONER - The unique formula of the toner allows you to use it before or after shaving. Cleans pores, soothes, nourishes and protects the skin, provides long-lasting hydration, leaving it soft, healthy-looking and rejuvenated.
  • O HUI FOR MEN NEOFEEL MOISTURIZING EMULSION - Bergamot-based moisturizing emulsion helps to cope with loss of firmness and wrinkles, helps maintain optimal moisture levels.

       The emulsion works in several directions at once: it relieves the skin of any type of dehydration, regulates the hydro-lipid balance and controls the production of sebum. Refreshes and softens, gives a feeling of comfort, pleasantly cools. Soothes redness and relieves irritation, prevents acne and inflammation.