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        The OHUI MIRACLE AQUA SPECIAL SET moisturizing series is aimed at the most intense skin hydration. Indispensable for moisturizing both dry and combination and oily skin in the summer. All products contain an advanced specially developed formula of hyaluronic acid Aurora-Hyaluronic Acid, the purest water enriched with minerals from Jeju Island. Improves skin relief, prevents and slows down skin aging, smoothes wrinkles, effectively moisturizes and protects the skin, and prevents the formation of scars. Possesses antiviral, bactericidal, wound healing effect. In combination with other biologically active components, it acts in synergy, enhancing their activity.

The set consists of:

1.O Hui Miracle Aqua Skin Softener (150 ml)  - toner after washing, restores the hydrobalance of the skin, actively improves its healthy state. It also makes the skin softer and prepares it for subsequent applications. Apply to clean face. Apply the required amount of tonic to the palms, distribute it evenly by lightly pressing the palms to the cheeks, forehead, chin and neck. Apply morning and evening.

2. O Hui Miracle Aqua Emulsion (130 ml) -  the emulsion is gently applied to the skin, gives it freshness, radiance, protects and moisturizes. It has a somewhat stringy structure. Apply a small amount of emulsion to the skin with gentle patting movements. Leave until completely absorbed.

3. O Hui Miracle Aqua Gel Cream (30 ml) - a light cream with a gel texture deeply moisturizes the skin, softens it and leaves it with an optimal level of moisture for a long time. The cream-gel prevents moisture loss in the skin, thereby improving the texture and appearance of the face. Strengthens the skin; is quickly absorbed by the skin, while providing maximum hydration and slightly mattifying it. It has a beneficial effect on blood microcirculation, activates the process of blood renewal, removes toxins from the skin. As a final step, apply a small amount of the cream to your face and spread it from the center to the edges.