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Perfume Kerasys & Shower Mate Set


500,000 UZS390,000 UZS

The set includes:
Kerasys Lovely & Romantic - Specially formulated shampoo for damaged hair with split ends. Restores the structure of the hair along the entire length, reduces cross-section and fragility. Hair gains vitality, shine and elasticity. Contains vitamin-rich basil flower and daisy extracts. Kerasys exclusive fragrances will emphasize your individuality.
Kerasys Lovely & Romantic Perfumed Treatment - Enriched with wheat proteins, organic daisy and basil extracts, the action of which is aimed at restoring and moisturizing hair, increasing its elasticity and elasticity. With regular use of the conditioner and shampoo from this line, the hair becomes soft, strong and smooth.
Kerasys Berry & Yogurt Cleansing Bar - Soap with extract of berries and yogurt. Created for daily care of your skin. The special formula, developed using only natural ingredients, helps to restore the natural PH balance, provides effective protection against the adverse effects of the environment, prevents dryness and moisture loss, and leaves the skin remarkably soft and silky.
Flower Perfume Pink Rose & Cherry Blossom Body Wash - Moisturizing gel with damask rose and cherry blossom extract is designed for gentle cleansing, quality care, deep hydration, soothing and improving skin condition during water procedures. A wonderful flower composition allows you to effectively moisturize the skin, restore its healthy and radiant appearance.