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Prestige Jeju Mayu Treatment Body Cream


125,000 UZS87,500 UZS

The body cream will provide deep nourishment to the skin, eliminate all peeling and prevent their reappearance. It fills cells with moisture, gives softness, maintains elasticity and enhances the protective properties of the skin.
The cream has a complex effect and helps to maintain healthy skin. It provides a powerful anti-aging effect and removes all visible signs of aging. The main components of Prestige Jeju Mayu Treatment Body Cream are:

  • Horse fat - removes dryness, relieves irritation, saturates cells with moisture and nutrients, prevents moisture evaporation, quickly tightens wounds.
  • Adenosine - stimulates the synthesis of its own collagen, reduces the number of wrinkles, relieves inflammation and prevents their reappearance.
  • Niacinamide - restores skin elasticity, effectively fights pigmentation, ideally evens tone, fills cells with moisture, has an anti-aging effect and gives freshness.

Tony Moly cream has a pleasant texture, easy to apply and absorbs instantly. It perfectly evens out skin tone, prevents the appearance of pigmentation and other skin spots. With continued use, the skin will become perfectly smooth, soft and silky.