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Tako Pore Sebum Control Gel Cream


125,000 UZS87,500 UZS

A gel that will help eliminate all existing oily skin problems. It ensures optimal hydration and nutrition, eliminates any inflammation, smoothes and maintains elasticity.
To create Tako Pore Sebum Control Gel Cream, natural ingredients are selected:

• Sea water - nourishes cells with life-giving moisture, softens, provides good nutrition, gives a luxurious radiance and freshness.
• Coral powder - saturates the skin with useful elements, relieves all rashes, relieves inflammation, accelerates metabolic processes.
• Chlorella extract - deeply nourishes the skin, removes all harmful substances, provides deep hydration, accelerates regeneration processes, eliminates fine wrinkles, and models the contours of the face.
• Lupine extract - absorbs excess fat, reduces the amount of sebum secreted, relieves irritation and gently cleanses the skin.
• Siberian ginseng extract - removes dryness, provides intensive skin nutrition, smoothes wrinkles that have appeared, and normalizes metabolic processes.
• Sea salt - removes all dirt, soothes, heals all wounds, reduces redness and provides a lifting effect.
Gel from the Tony Moly company perfectly softens the skin, eliminates all the wrinkles that have appeared, provides complete care, deep hydration of cells, pleasantly refreshes and tones. With constant use, it will leave the skin perfectly smooth, soft and velvety.