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Tangle Super Berry Essence

Skin care

380,000 UZS155,000 UZS

Intensive nourishing essence with acai berry extract for the face has an intense anti-aging effect, smoothes wrinkles and skin creases, reduces the appearance of deep age and expression lines, makes the skin smooth and elastic.

Forms an invisible barrier that prevents moisture loss and protects the skin from aggressive environmental influences.

The essence soothes and regenerates the skin, improves its protective functions, protects it from negative environmental factors, free radicals and ultraviolet radiation.

Slows down oxidative processes, supports the synthesis of collagen and elastin, stimulates skin renewal and regeneration.

Improves complexion, eliminates dullness and tired look, moisturizes and nourishes.

Saturates the skin with vitamins and microelements, makes it firm and elastic, smoothes wrinkles and evens out the relief. Takes care of the pores

How to use: use after the stages of cleansing and toning. Apply a few drops of the essence to a cotton pad, gently wipe your face without stretching the skin.