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Tangle Super Berry Toner

Skin care

483,000 UZS145,000 UZS

 Toner based on berry extract effectively eliminates moisture deficiency, relieves irritation, fights dryness and flaking. It makes the skin smoother and more elastic, maintains the natural water-lipid balance, stimulates microcirculation and improves the complexion.

The toner saturates the skin with a rich complex of beneficial substances, improves the ability of cells to retain moisture, and prevents dehydration. Eliminates redness and dullness, gives the face a healthy, rested look and a soft matte glow. The toner perfectly removes tightness and softens, evens out the relief of the face, smoothes wrinkles.

The toner removes oily sheen, normalizes the sebaceous glands, and helps fight acne. The toner speeds up the healing process, improves the absorption of nutrients and prepares the skin for further care, increasing the effectiveness of other skin care products.

Main Ingredients:

Sunflower seed oil is the richest source of essential vitamins, the main ones of which are A, D and E. It has properties such as reducing inflammation, restoring the skin barrier.

Witch hazel extract - Reduces the risk of blemishes, reduces sebum production and helps to tighten pores.

Narcissus extract - activates the natural defense mechanisms of cells from aggressive environmental factors (dry air, sun, extreme temperatures, wind). It has anti-aging care - reduces the signs of skin aging, preserves the youthfulness of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid - fills the skin cells with moisture and helps to retain moisture throughout the skin.

How to use: after washing, apply the required amount of tonic to a cotton pad and wipe the skin with it.