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The Chok Chok Green Tea Foam

Complete skin care (Tony Moly)

125,000 UZS100,000 UZS

Foam for washing with fermented green tea extract will give the skin the moisture it needs, refresh and soothe, and give a feeling of comfort.

A product with a refined aroma of green tea, freshly brewed and invigorating. Gentle, gentle skin cleansing. The foam does not irritate the skin, mattifies well and fights oily sheen. Softens and tones the skin, as well as strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin, smoothing out the effects of aggressive external factors (sunlight, hot and dry air, external pollution).

Does not dry out or tighten the skin, protects against the appearance of oily sheen. Gently and delicately dissolves the remains of decorative cosmetics and sebum plugs that provoke the appearance of acne.

Green tea's antiseptic and tonic properties help kill bacteria, tighten pores and regulate glands. The feeling of freshness and absolute cleanliness will not leave you throughout the day.

When using products based on green tea extract, the complexion and skin condition are improved with a tendency to inflammation and acne.

Method of application: foam a very small amount of foam (about a pea) with a small amount of water, apply on dry face with massaging movements, then rinse with warm water.