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The Chok Chok Green Tea Intense Cream

Complete skin care (Tony Moly)

205,000 UZS164,000 UZS

The cream strengthens the protective barrier of the skin, helps the skin fight dryness and lethargy of the epidermis. The main component is fermented green tea extract, which perfectly moisturizes the skin, gives it softness and a feeling of freshness.

The cream effectively fights inflammation and redness, improves complexion, strengthens the skin's protective barrier, and restores the hydro-lipid balance of the skin. It is a powerful remedy that helps skin fight dryness and dullness, improves skin texture and has a cooling and soothing effect.

Fermentation is a fermentation process carried out by different types and strains of microorganisms (yeast, lactic acid and other bacteria). In the process of fermentation, the process of decomposition of organic substances (mainly carbohydrates) occurs with the formation of other substances and the release of chemical energy. This occurs under the action of enzymes (enzymes) contained in the cells of microorganisms. The formulations prepared in this way penetrate the skin faster and deeper, and are more easily absorbed and absorbed by the skin. The products are more intensive than usual, enriched with important amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins.

The line is safe for sensitive skin, has a cooling and soothing effect, restores the skin's hydro-lipid balance, improves skin texture, makes it soft and helps to keep the skin fresh.

The main effect of green tea is stimulating, anti-inflammatory. Green tea tannins have the ability to increase the resistance of the blood capillaries. It also contains proanthocyanidins that act as an antioxidant. Green tea extract intensively nourishes and moisturizes the skin, improves the structure of the epidermis and strengthens the skin tone. The extract cleanses pores, eliminates dry skin, stimulates cellular activity, relieves fatigue and prevents the aging process, enhances the protective functions of the skin.

The cream also contains lemongrass and rosewood essential oils.It has a light texture, is quickly absorbed and does not leave behind a feeling of oily and congested