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The Shoking Cushion Glow Cover

Decorative cosmetics (TONYMOLY)

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The compact cushion, in addition to fixing the makeup, also has such properties as: matting, controlling the production of sebum, narrowing the pores, and a velvet effect.
Also, cushion has a powerful sun protection factor - SPF50 + PA ++++.

Cushion hides skin imperfections, evens out the tone, improves the adhesion of the foundation to the skin, thereby prolonging the durability of the make-up. The product does not dry out the skin and does not create flaking.

The cushion contains essence.
The moisturizing essence moisturizes the skin, leaving it fresh all day long.

Main Ingredients:

Madecassoid - cares for pores, has a calming effect, protects the skin from external influences.

Asian acid - softens the skin, gives it elasticity.

Asiaticositis - cares for the balance of the skin, deeply nourishes.

Madecasite - evens out the tone of the face, slightly brightens

How to use: Apply at the last stage of makeup with a brush or sponge and blend thoroughly.