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Tony Lab AC Control Spot Patch

Mask / Package (TONY MOLY)

16,600 UZS150,000 UZS

Have a pimple? It doesn't matter if you have Tony Moly Tony Lab AC Control Spot Patch stickers on hand! They will help eliminate redness, irritation and speed up the healing process of pimples. The stickers will help eliminate the harmful effects of pathogenic microbes, thereby blocking the appearance of acne and comedones.


Tony Moly stickers prevent microbes from entering the wound surface and stop the development of inflammation.

It is not difficult to hide the sticker, thanks to the refined structure, it is possible to apply masking compounds on it.

Changing the sticker on the inflamed area is absolutely painless, does not injure the adjacent skin areas. The advantages of the product include the ability to divide the sticker into smaller fragments, which ensures economical use.

Mode of application

Use masking patches on dry, previously cleansed skin.

Apply a fresh sticker every few hours, treating the skin as it becomes dirty.

The fight against the manifestations of skin inflammation, the elimination of acne foci make the cosmetic patch one of the best revitalizing agents