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Tony Moly Green Vita C Soothing Toner

Complete skin care (Tony Moly)

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It is an intense moisturizing toner that cleanses the skin and has a toning, brightening effect. The toner is non-irritating, strengthens the protective barrier and improves the complexion. Icelandic moss extract moisturizes, promotes healthy vital functions of skin cells, participates in the regeneration process, and restores the protective functions of tissues. The product contains the AQUAXYL moisturizing complex - a cosmetic ingredient made from natural plant and mineral components. Glucose, extracted from wheat, and xylitol, extracted from wood, included in its composition, noticeably enhance their positive properties in the process of interaction. The toner ingredients are derived from low temperature decompression extraction, which minimizes the degradation of organic acids and heat sensitive vitamins.

Features of Green Vita C Soothing Toner by Tony Molly:
   - suitable for any type of skin;
   - tones the epidermis, soothes irritations;
   - bergamot, olive and palmarose oils nourish the skin;
   - restores cells, promotes the elasticity of the epidermis;
   - strengthens the protective barrier of the skin;
   - makes the surface of the face soft and smooth;
   - evens out skin tone and texture.

Mode of application

Apply the required amount of the product on a cotton pad, wipe the previously cleansed face. Allow to be absorbed. Do not rinse.