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Tony Lab AC Control Acne Foam

Cleansing (TONY MOLY)

112,000 UZS89,600 UZS

Tony Moly Tony Lab AC Control Acne Foam antibacterial healing foam penetrates deep into the pores, cleanses from any type of impurities, normalizes the skin's hydrolipid balance and provides a perfect matte finish after use. The product provides anti-inflammatory, antibacterial action, heals acne and prevents the appearance of new inflammations on the face.

A special foam for washing, which not only effectively cleanses the skin of the face, but also has a powerful healing effect. Tony Moly Tony Lab AC Control Acne Foam is an effective drug in the fight against acne, purulent rashes, over-active work of the sebaceous glands. The foam disinfects the skin, deeply cleanses the pores from microbes, keratin scales, fatty plugs, any impurities, makeup residues. Triclosan, which is part of the foam, has an anti-bacterial effect. With regular use, the number of acne is reduced and the risks of new ones are minimized.

How to use: Apply a little foam on the face and evenly distribute with light massaging movements all over the face. Pay particular attention to the T-Zone and areas with enlarged pores. Rinse off the foam with warm water