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MAYDAY HEALING PAD soothing pads with tea tree extract in a convenient format for daily care of problem skin. The convenient format makes skin cleansing an easier and faster process. The product has an optimal pH level for healthy skin and does not cause irritation.

The discs will hydrate and soothe even the most sensitive skin by removing redness and irritation with all-natural ingredients. The product contains 80% tea tree extract, which is a powerful moisturizing, toning and anti-inflammatory ingredient. In addition, the discs contain 0.25% PHA acid to gently but effectively cleanse the skin of dead skin cells, sebum and impurities. Do not contain harmful components.


Main Ingredients:

Witch hazel extract - cleanses and tightens pores, eliminates inflammation and acne on the face.

Licorice extract - has a regenerating effect, helps to reduce signs of irritation and swelling, soothes the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis.

Chamomile flower extract - tones the skin of the face, nourishes with vitamins and nutrients, moisturizes and refreshes.

Centella asiatica extract - Cica relieves inflammation, soothes, heals small wounds, fights post-acne, scars and skin aging.

Hyaluronic acid - has the ability to reduce inflammation, does not clog pores, making it an effective treatment for problem skin.