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Wonder Apricot Deep Cleansing Oil

Cleansing (TONY MOLY)

144,000 UZS115,200 UZS

Hydrophilic oil from the Korean cosmetics brand TONY MOLY, based on apricot kernels, cleanses your skin from impurities and sebum to squeak without leaving a sticky feeling. It has a light, pleasant texture and is suitable for irritable and sensitive skin.

The composition includes the follow ing components and extracts:

Apricot kernel oil extract nourishes the skin from the inside, restores its protective functions, and also perfectly makes it soft and silky.

Vitamin C and E have a regenerative effect, prevent skin aging, preventing the appearance of pigmentation.

Macadamia nut plant oil moisturizes the skin at all levels, has a revitalizing and antioxidant effect.

The composition also contains pomegranate extract and other extracts that nourish, provide protective functions and carefully take care of your skin.

With regular use of the product, you will notice tangible changes - the skin will become more toned and radiant, and the amount of inflammation and imperfections will be minimized.

The product does not contain artificial colors, fragrances, parabens.

How to use: Apply hydrophilic oil to dry skin and massage actively. After that, wash yourself with warm water. Remove residue using dry wipes and then use foam.