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Wonder Bath Salon de Tte Apple Edition, Salon The Honey 1ัˆั‚ัƒะบ

Wonder Bath

15,000 UZS10,000 UZS

      The Wonder Bath Salon de Tte Apple Edition cleansing peeling napkin with apple extracts effectively removes all types of impurities, exfoliates the stratum corneum, removes oily sheen, and polishes the micro-relief. The product stimulates the processes of renewal and healing, moisturizes and soothes. The peeling napkin deeply cleanses pores, dissolves sebaceous plugs, removes all types of impurities, dust, makeup residues and excess sebum from the skin surface. Delicately exfoliates dead cells, brightens blackheads, accelerates skin regeneration. Actively moisturizes and saturates the skin with useful elements, smoothes, improves microcirculation and increases turgor. The cotton peeling napkin is thoroughly impregnated with essence. Each side of the napkin is designed for consistent cleansing:

the soft white side gently removes makeup and impurities;

mesh green side exfoliates dead cells, smoothes the relief.

Main active ingredients:

Apple extract prevents the appearance of rashes, reduces the foci of inflammation, gently brightens, evens out tone and stimulates cell renewal.
Sea water (10.000ppm) enriches the skin with a complex of minerals and trace elements, actively nourishes the skin and promotes its healing.
Ascorbic acid has a pronounced antioxidant effect, effectively protecting the skin from damage by ultraviolet radiation, initiating the production of its own collagen, helping to increase the elasticity, firmness and hydration of the skin, helping to slow down the glycation process (glucose adhesion of collagen fibers), which leads to early skin aging, reduces age spots and post-acne, evens out the complexion and gives the skin a healthy glow.
Mint extract relieves irritation and soothes inflammation, normalizes the sebaceous glands. Promotes skin healing and has an antiseptic effect
Lavender extract has antiseptic, healing properties, soothes the skin, helps fight inflammation and flaking.
Suitable for oily skin.

Directions for use: Gently wipe the skin with the white side of the peeling napkin. Use the green side on problem areas (nose, chin, T-zone). Wash yourself with warm water. Recommended to use 1-3 times a week.