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Wonder Ceramide Mocchi Water Cream

Complete skin care (Tony Moly)

180,000 UZS144,000 UZS

Wonder Ceramide Mocchi Water Cream provides freshness and hydration to dry skin. The product improves and restores the moisture barrier of the skin, which is disturbed by external factors, restoring the skin to health. The soft and pleasant texture of the cream is easily absorbed into the skin, softening and smoothing it.

The cream has a rich, concentrated formula, does not irritate sensitive skin, improves the hydro-lipid layer, makes the skin soft, prevents flaking and roughness, and maintains optimal hydration for a long time.

The product restores the damaged lipid barrier of the skin, prevents dryness, prevents skin dehydration.

Does not contain artificial flavors, artificial colors, animal materials, PEG emulsifier.

 How to use: In the last step of skin care, take the required amount of cream and distribute it evenly according to the skin texture, then massage the skin and gently pat to absorb